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berzerkerz racing is one of the largest pro dragster teams in the world, with four derringer powered nitro harley pro dragsters and four licensed pilots; evan Barsness, aaron barsness, doug hadley and jamie williams who share a passion for motorcycles and have been racing in the pro-dragster series since 2012.

We are passionate about racing Nitro Harleys within the motor sports community at various venues & events in Canada, including at the Rocky Mountain Nationals & Hot August Nights. We continue to make improvements on our tuning technics with the help of veteran racers & fellow racers alike, always striving to improve our performance at the next race. 


In the winter of 2011, we purchased our first 121 cubic inch Derringer powered Pro-Dragster Nitro Harley. We bought our second top fuel Pro-Dragster in may of 2012 and our third one in 2013. By the end of 2014 a fourth Pro-Dragster was acquired.


2012: Best Dressed Team, 2 second place finishes, 1 third place finish, third overall points in the john andres memorial rookie of the year award. 

2015: Doug Hadley ran a 7.56 seconds at 167mph in Medicine Hat for a 1st place finish at the finals & 3rd overall for the season. Evan Barsness had two 2nd place finishes and 1st personal best at 7.50 seconds at 171mph.












Nitro Harley motorcycles are high-performance drag racing motorcycles powered by nitromethane-fueled engines. They are known for their extreme power and speed, often reaching over 200 miles per hour (322 km/h) in a quarter-mile race. These motorcycles typically feature a V-twin engine design, with displacement ranging from 1,500cc to 2,300cc.


Key features of Nitro Harleys include:


  • Nitromethane Fuel: Nitro Harleys use nitromethane as their primary fuel source, which provides an explosive burst of power when ignited, making them much faster than traditional gasoline-powered bikes.


  • Wheelie Bars: To handle the immense power and torque, Nitro Harleys are equipped with wheelie bars to help keep the front wheel down during acceleration.


  • Long Wheelbase: A longer wheelbase helps stabilize the bike at high speeds and prevents it from flipping over during acceleration.


  • Custom Frame and Components: Nitro Harleys are built with custom frames and components designed to withstand the intense forces they experience on the drag strip.


  • Minimalistic Design: These motorcycles are built for one purpose – speed. They have a minimalistic design with no excess weight or features.


  • Spectacular Exhaust Flames: The nitromethane combustion produces spectacular flames from the exhaust pipes, adding to the visual spectacle of drag racing events.


Nitro Harleys are a thrilling and integral part of the drag racing world, offering a combination of power, speed, and noise that makes them stand out in the world of motorsports. We invite you to check them out up close and personal - see you at the races!

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